2Can® Technology™

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What is 2Can®?

            2Can™ is a technology developed to take any existing media and deliver that content over IP to more than 98% of the web browsing systems.

            Translation – 2Can is a technology that connects media from live, web cam, and information to present it in a format that more than 98% of the people on the web can use – easily.

            2Can™ Technology manages the expensive and “hard work” in the background so your clients can have a clean and simple experience with your product.
            There are no extra downloads or programs needed to consume your product.
            That fact alone allows even the most security conscious enterprise IT administrator will not have issue. Also, home users can be assured that there is nothing intrusive or questionable going on their computer.

            If you have Adobe™ Flash loaded into your browser – you are ready to participate in the world of 2Can.

            2Can™ Technology allows true HD video to be transmitted over the internet (IP) at amazingly low bandwidths.
            We also did not forget that there are MANY computers around the globe that would benefit from your product. With that in mind our R&D department continues to lower the bandwidth needed to broadcast your information – even to mobile devices and dial-up.


            The 2Can™ Technology system goes far beyond being a quality CDN. We also include programmers, Web Designers and Programmers, Live and Post Production, Encoding Engineers, and marketing to provide solutions for your entire project.


2Can® Technology™

Remember the first time you tied 2 soup cans together with a string?

The sound got to the other can – even at a distance!

At the time, you did not care about physics and wave theory that make it all happen, it was exciting AND you could broadcast your voice to another location.

That is the idea behind 2Can® Technology™

            You DO NOT care about the complex computers and software behind our CDN or the 1000’s of lines of code in our programs.

            What you DO care about is that your message and information be delivered securely and it is easy to use at the other end.

            What you also care about is that as you enter into this broadcast media and information world that everyone from corporate to homes can receive your message and information without problems or intrusions.

What we have solved for (and is the foundation of 2Can® Technology™) is similar to the 2 cans of soup on a string.
            You provide the information to us – we broadcast it to your website.
We are the can and string in the background.

You just do what you do and enjoy the benefits of the technology.

For the IT and technical people out there – we have another page to dig in to. These are the people that want and need to know about the physics and wave theory that make the cans work.
            We have MANY of these people behind us – so – we can provide them with details.